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I have been using the services of Unity Computers for well over 20 years. At the time when I was the Principal at Laverton in 1998, the Novell Network operating system was being used extensively both in the commercial and education areas. It was around that time that Unity Computers advised me to change over from the Novell system to the Windows Server Network operating system. I never looked back and my faith in the company remained firm.

Unity Computers also installed a complete ICT Network infrastructure across the whole College. They were also our sole hardware supplier, offering our school very competitive prices.

Ten years after retiring as Principal, I still use their IT expertise at my new school, Carranballac P-9 College, where I work, on a part-time basis, as the College ICT Support and Development Manager. Only recently, Unity Computers won the contract at both Campuses to upgrade our CAT6 Network infrastructure with optic fibre as well as replacing all our very old switches with 1GB switches. They also won the contract to install our security cameras at both campuses.

I found it a pleasure working with Michael Capuano and his team of technicians. I was and still am always confident that the advice Michael gives me is honest and not motivated by profit.

I, therefore, have no hesitation whatsoever, in recommending the Team at Unity Computers to anyone who is seeking to have any work done in the area related to ICT.

Henry Szkuta ICT Support & Development Manager, Carranballac P-9 College